ATV Rodeo$10 entry fee with 100% payout.
Buy Backs go back into payout.

Classes for the ATV Rodeos are

1. 0-70 cc Atv (12 and under)
2. 0-110 cc Atv (12 and under)
3.0-110 cc ATV Modified (12 and under)
******Dirt Bikes for kids will be classified night of event*****
4.  0-350 cc Blaster 15 and under
5. 0-350 cc Blaster
6.  2 stroke utility
7.   4 stroke utility
8.  400cc sport
9.  Outlaw 450 cc and up (250 banshee must run outlaw)  will make class w/ multiple entries
10.  utv- side by side, RZR  will make classes w/ multiple entries
11. Dirt Bikes  will make classes w/ multiple entries

2. Any rider under the age of 18 must have parental or guardian sign release before racing.  ALL riders must sign release form before racing
3.  All riders must have DOT approved helmet
4.  Riders must be at starting gate ready to ride when announced
5.  Riders may be DQed if not in the ring one minute after being called
6. ABSOLUTELY NO PLAYING OR SHOWING OFF ALLOWED. rider will be DQed and asked to leave, without refund
7.  Track will have boundaries.  Penalties or DQ if you go out of bounds.  Track officials will make final decision
8. No refunds after event class starts