April 7 – Gregory Sharp #121

Gregory is one of our KOI OG Racers.  Gregory is just 18 year old but he has been racing for the last 13 years, and has been racing with KOI since we have started back in 2011.  When you see the GSR or 121 number on a snowmobile or a raptor 700 know that it is Gregory.  Gregory says his greatest accomplishment is breaking into the 2 second mark with his fastest time of 2.959.  When I asked Gregory about his favorite thing about racing he said “The racing family that has supported me along the way”.

April 14, 2024 Eddie Mobley #1 and #581

Eddie Mobley known to us at KOI as Fast Eddie is another of the racers that have been racing almost since KOI started. Eddie is from Boone County, Kentucky. Eddie has been racing for 11 years and has been with KOI the same amount of time. Eddie has a slew of vehicles that he runs. He has 2 dirt bikes, a RM250 and a KX450. He also has a raptor 700 and a drag banshee. Eddies fastest time has been a 3.40 at 200 ft. When we asked Eddie what his greatest accomplishment is in racing it was showing that a heavy guy can compete just as well as a light jockey. Then we asked Eddie his favorite thing about racing this 21-year-old said, “the Smack Talk”. So, look for the #1 and #581 Eddie Mobley.

April 21, 2024 Colton Taylor #707

This week’s Rider is Mr. Colton Taylor.  This 8-year-old out of Henry County Kentucky has been racing since he was 3.  Yep, that’s right 3 so he is an old hand at racing.  He’s been racing with KOI since 2019.  He started off on a little battery powered quad, moved up to a 50 and now has an apex and drr.  His fastest time has been a 4.22 seconds at 200 ft.  Now to put that into perspective most 4 wheel drive gas trucks won’t run that neither will most stock 450 quads.  This little guy is moving.  Colton says his greatest accomplishment is when he beat the current record holder at a race. When we asked Colton what his favorite thing about racing is, he said “money” although I’m pretty sure he likes playing with all the other kids at the races.

April 28, 2024 Mark Clauson #345

This week’s rider spotlight is Mr. Mark Clauson also known as the “Professor”.  Mark is from Upton Ky and has been drag racing in some form since 1978 and has been racing with KOI since we started.  Marks fastest time is a 3.46 or a 3.47 on his 660 Yamaha raptor that he has named Junkyard Dawg, although I’m not sure how fast he can go, he usually goes just enough to beat his competition. Knock on wood, I can’t remember the last time he lost the 450 and up knobbie class at Nelson County. Mark is not only and accomplished drag racer he is also big into the atv rodeo scene. Mark’s favorite thing about racing is engine building and listening to the motors “hearing the horsepower”.  When we asked Mark what his greatest accomplishment was, he jokingly said, “Making it this long and no one hates me.”  but this 61-year-old said his greatest accomplishment was a combination of being debt free and being surrounded by good friends he trusts.  When we talked with Mark, we asked what he would tell someone just getting into the sport or advice for the younger ones, his answer was “Never think drag racing is all about horsepower.  The skill of staging the bike, body position and learning to read the dirt are so important…..then watching what other bikes are doing during practice, and be ready for that.  That will win more races then horsepower. Develop those skills”.  So, when you see The Professor #345 and the junkyard dawg pull into the fairgrounds know he is going to be studying the track and is going to give you one heck of a run.

May 5, 2024 Josh Goodwin

This week’s racer spotlight is Mr. Josh Goodwin, a 24-year-old from Mt Eden Kentucky.   Josh has been racing since 2016 or 2017 and has been racing with KOI the same amount of time.  Josh started out racing 4 wheelers but moved to trucks in 2020.  Josh currently races an 84 chevy blazer and a 69 chevy pickup, his fastest pass has been a 3.5 at 200 feet.   When we asked Josh what his greatest accomplishment was, he didn’t really know what to say but decided it was finally beating Trenton Shepherd.  He said his favorite thing about racing is all the people.  Along with drag racing Josh also has been tugging trucks since 2015 and comes to see us occasionally at the mud runs. 

May 12, 2024 Mother’s Day

Today’s Racers Spotlight are all the “moms” out there, the biological ones and the ones that are the mother figures. These ladies are from far and wide; they come in all ages.  We thank all these ladies.  Most do not have a certain vehicle they race but are with every vehicle out there.  They are the ones you don’t see very often at the start line helping the racers line up.  But they are there making sure the snacks are plentiful, and the videos and pictures are taken.  These ladies are the ones that are cheering the racers on, the younger and the older ones.  These are the ladies that put in the time during the day getting everything packed, and the nights watching our racers do something they truly enjoy.  Again, we want to thank these ladies.  I’m sure if we asked each of the moms what their greatest accomplishment is they would say “Its those racers that are out there on the track.  Watching them do something that puts a big smile on their face and watching them develop great friendships.”….  At least that would be my answer.