1. Kids Class 12 and under
  2. 2WD quad
  3. 4×4 4 wheeler
  4. County Only
  5. Street Stock
  6. 4 and 6 cylinder
  7. Diesel
  8. Pro Street
  9. Super Stock
  10. Pro Stock

General Rules:
Any announcement made the day of the event supercedes any and all written material.
No alcoholic beverages
Drivers meeting will be held before start of race
Judges decisions are final
Protest fee is $100, driver can only protest a truck in the class they are competing in.
Protest must be done within 15 minutes of class completion
Protest can ONLY be made to track official
If you resist a protest or refuse to be tech you will be banned for the rest of the year.
Helmets must be worn by all participants
All participants must sign a waiver.
One driver per one truck per one class.
Each driver will have two minutes to stage once name is called
Each driver will have two passes per class
Entry fee $20 per class with at least 100% payback
4&6 Cylinders
Tires: any size DOT tire allowed. No cut or paddles.
Engine: no after market blocks or heads.
Suspension: factory type (lift kits & traction bars allowed).
NO tracking
County ONLY Class
must have proof that you live in the county (example: drivers license)
Is for stock motor & transmission only.
No performance products. (No after market carbs, or headers, aluminum intakes are OK) OEM parts only. *
DOT approved tires.
No diesel engines.
No race trucks allowed
Must have a smooth idle
Must be able to pull 18 inches of vacuum at 1000 rpms
Vacuum will be checked at random
Headers are ok but must be capped
Lift kits are OK
Dual exhaust is OK
Exhaust MUST come past cab.
Must have full body, no gutting or body swaps
Truck must sit level or higher in the rear
NO stall converter or trans break
Must have factory fuel pumps
All accessories must be in place, (example: fan, alternators, belts etc)
NO tracking
Street Stock
Class designed for the everyday vehicle
Factory block
Factory heads
No mismatched tires
Must pull 16 inches of vacuum at 1000 rpm
Single line cab only
Lift kits ok
No traction devices of any kind
No roller cams
Fuel Cells OK

Pro street– full body truck, no gutting, stock block, stock heads, 4150 series carb 10 inches of vacuum at 1200 rpm, no trans breaks, no floater, no sliders traction bars ok. Dot uncut tires

Super Stock– full bodied truck, no gutting, after market blocks and aluminum heads allowed (must be conventional) dominator carbs ok, trans breaks ok, floaters and sliders allowed, motor in stock location, big blocks in full size only. Any size dot tire.

Pro stock– body may be gutted but must resemble truck or jeep. aftermarket blocks pro stock style heads allowed, sheet metal intake allowed, 4 link and 3 link allowed, cut tires allowed.