Pure Stock Turbo Diesel Class 4.2 @ 200 feet breakout time
A.  DOT approved tires, No cuts
B.  NO NOS in truck, NO tanks allowed in the truck, NO Propane, NO water injection
C.  NO Hybrids
D.  Must have Stock turbo for that make and model truck/ absolutely nothing done to it.  Must have a fully functional waste gate with no modifications.
E.  Motor must match make of the truck
F.   Must have FULL BODY/ flat bed is ok must be manufactured bed
G.  Truck Body and Chassis must be a diesel truck
H. Anyone in truck Must have seat belts on
I.  NO gutting of the truck, ALL seats must be in the truck, tailgate off ok, must have full dash.
J.  NO additional trans Coolers
K.  Must have stock fuel tank (NO fuel cell)
L.  NO four-link (unless it came from the factory on that make and model truck)
M.  Chevy tie rod sleeves or upgraded tie rods strongly encouraged
N.  Incase of a double break out the worst one loses
O.  Will be given 2 minute cool down
P.  Can be trailered in
Q.  Truck must be registered and up to date
R.  No Dual CP3

Street Diesel Class Rules
A.  DOT approved tires, No cuts
B.  NO NOS in truck, NO tanks allowed in the truck
C.  Must have Stock appearing turbo/ housing must be stock appearing
D.  No Propane
E.  Anyone in truck Must have seat belts on
F.   Must have FULL BODY/ flat bed is ok but must be a manufactured bed like hillsboro bed
G.  Truck Body and Chasis must be a diesel truck
H.  Motor must match make of the truck/ no hybrids
I.  NO gutting of the truck, All seats must be in the truck, tail gates off OK, must have full dash
J.  Can only run one charger (unless comes from factory with more)
K.  Fuel cell OK
L.  NO four-link (unless factory)
M.  NO water injection
N.  Trans Cooler OK
O.  Upgraded Tie Rods or sleeves strongly encouraged on Chevys
P.  Will be given 3 minute cool down
Q.  Can be trailered in
R.  Truck must be registered and up to date.
S.  Dual CP3 OK

A.  Any size turbo ok
B.  NOS, Propane, Water Meth are allowed
C.  anyone in truck MUST wear seat belt
D.  Must have DOT tires, NO cuts
E.  Must have full Body/ Manufactured Flat bed is OK (like Hillsboro), center can be cut out., if center is cut out must have drive shaft loops.
F.  Truck Body and Chasis must be a diesel truck
G.  MUST have upgraded tie rods or tie rod sleeves in Chevy
H.   Four-link OK
I.  Fuel Cell OK
J.  Will be given 5 minutes for cool down

General Rules
1 .Any announcement made the day of the event supercedes any and all written material
2.  Any rider or ATV/Truck that causes and damage to KOI Drag Racing Equipment will be held liable for damages.  If you hit any equipment you are DQ for that round including centeer line/cones.
3.  All riders/driver must sign a release form before participating in any event.
4.  All racers participate at their own risk to themselves and their equipment.
5.  Any rider under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian signature on release form
6.  ATV & BIKES riders must wear a full faced DOT approved helmet with chin strap strapped NO sandals or slippers
B. ALL truck drivers (except street trucks) Must wear DOT approved helmet. Can be full faced or open faced.
C. ALL TRUCKS MUST have seat belts
8.  Nitrous, turbo charger, superchargers can be used in OPEN classes only.  NOS main line must be disconnected in all other classes and tank must be removed.
9.  Double or single eliminations determined by # of entries, (over 100 single elimination)
10.  Track will have boundaries.  Out of bounds will be a disqualification this includes cones on center line.
11.  When your called you have 1 minutes to stage
12.  Starting judge’s decision is final
13.  For Truck classes- driver must have a valid driver’s license to compete
14.  Trucks can be hauled or driven in unless specified
15.  KOI Officials reserve the right to make a SAFETY call at any time.
16.  NO PIT RIDING!  If caught you will be disqualified without warning and asked to leave event without refund.  We do this for safety.
17.  Vehicles  can be teched at anytime with pump or scope.  Refusal of tech or caught cheating will result in being dqed from the current event and will not be allowed to participate in the any event for 1 calendar year.
19. All dirt bikes/ motorcycles should have card board or disk to catch start beam to prevent red lights.
20.  No 2 stroke and 4 stroke run together unless specified.
21. If a participant knowingly enters a class they do NOT belong in they will be removed without refund.
22.  please note kids receive one trophy per night.
23.  On the event of a double red light the worst red light loses.
24.  Any quad or bike that runs a 4.0 or faster at 200′ MUST have a kill switch
25.  Only one rider per one bike/truck/quad per one class
26.  registration closes when eliminations start.
27. ALL quad/bikes classes entry fee is $10, truck/car classes entry fee is $10. ALL DIESEL Classes are $20
28.  Truck-Payouts are as follows 1-3 100% to first place, 4-9 100% toFirst and second, above 10 100% to first, second ,and third
29. ATV/BIKES- Payouts are as follows 1-3 100% to first, 4-9100% to first and second, 10 and above100% to first, second, and third
30.  Only one person in staging lanes with rider